Side Table Transformation

Side Table Transformation

We live outside of town and on my way home I pass the exit for the local garbage facilitation.  They have this building on site where you can drop off items that you no longer need but may be useful to someone else.  So…much to my husbands chagrin I am constantly bringing home trash to turn in to treasure!  This was a piece I picked up on one such occasion.

Originally I had planned on keeping the shuttered doors but sometimes projects get started and then with four kids at home they are put on hiatus.  When I finally got back to working on the side table I discovered one of the hinges was missing! It was a special one, that apparently is not available at any local hardware store.  This caused me to rethink my original plan.  I was slightly bummed but went about filling the hinge holes and creating a space for a basket to sit.  NOW the problem was finding the basket.  I began the hunt for this specific size basket or box by looking around town.  New or used I really didn’t care; it was looking hopeless.  There was nothing on the Internet either (that is to say in my price range- cheap).  With this piece being something I had planned on selling when it was finished, how would I make any money if the basket was worth the price of the whole piece!  And so it sat for another extended period of time.

Until one day… I was rummaging through my son’s closet and I came across a basket!?! immediately I dumped out the contents, ran to the basement, all the while holding my breath.  Would it fit?  Yes!  Not only did it fit but the colour of the basket fit so well with the finished cedar wood top (and that does not happen often when mixing wood tones and species)!  The only sad part is I had liked that basket and had not planned on parting with it, but it does look so much like it belongs.

So the how to part: pretty basic really.  I had to take the top off and create a new one with some cedar boards I had lying around.  (My husband works at a mill so scraps of wood are just a common collection in our basement.) I biscuit jointed the boards together, sanded them smooth, added a clear coat of Satin finish Varathane and reattached them to the table.  Then I filled in hinge holes with wood filler, sanded it smooth, painted it Simply White by Benjamin Moore and added new updated hardware from Home Depot.  Then I found the perfect basket, filled it with a comfy pillow and added pretty table top wares for the picture.  I am super happy with how it turned out and this is definitely one time I am glad that I lost some hardware!













Now on to finishing my next project.  I really need to finish a few other pieces up before I can pick up another treasure!

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  1. I got my first “piece” from James and Krystel! Once Josh is bigger and we need the crib for baby 2, I’ve got a single bed with 4 drawers to finish! I’m sure I’ll be in touch for some refinishing advice!

    1. Would be glad to help!

  2. Did you sell this already? I love it. 🙂

    1. I still need to attach the top, so it’s only picture ready right now!

  3. I hope you kept the shutter doors fir another decor project! Great work… Pretty!

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