Master Bedroom Retreat

Master Bedroom Retreat

It seems for all our home renovations we start with the Master Bedroom.  There seems to be something, in having a retreat to fall asleep in.  I can spend 8 hrs of my life, optimally, in a complete room.  Even if it is with my eyes closed!  It also costs significantly less to start here.  Which I am sure is why Derrick opts to start here.  The picture below was taken before we moved in.   The mess did not come with the house;  we brought our own.  The tub in the bedroom did though!  We actually had some super fun bubble baths in that tub. My kids were disappointed to find out it was not in the new plans for the bedroom.  Once the tub was removed that space was allotted to the bathroom to create more functionality there.  This gave us a smaller footprint for our Master bedroom and one less window.  Thankfully, the window we had left is west facing and gives ample light, especially once we added all the white and light walls.  We sacrificed space to allow for a bigger bathroom but did gain us a semi-ensuite by adding a pocket door to the main upstairs bathroom.  I think it is a great size room and fits all our necessities comfortably.



When creating this space I wanted it to be light and airy.  Over the years I have refinished pieces of furniture and have created a collection of one of a kind pieces that have helped to make this space my own…and my husband’s of course!  Actually, the one thing he said was that he did NOT want a white duvet…well as you can see he lost that battle.  But wait, did he?  I actually have a dark grey duvet cover and then I bought a white duvet cover as a blanket for over top.  So we both won in my books.  Although I don’t think Derrick sees it that way.  Now he had to fork out money for two duvet covers.  Both were good deals.  The grey one came from Simons and the white duvet cover came from Ikea.

The floors are Ash circle sawn random with.  I highlighted some of the markups by adding a darker stain in the saw marks then sanding it down some so it blended and then I just went with a clear coat.  We did the floors a couple of years ago.  At the time I had looked everywhere for how to give my floors a bleached Scandinavian look, but had no luck.  For me the best option was to leave it natural, and I do love them.  The light floors hide almost everything!

The head and footboard are made from two doors I picked up somewhere years ago.  My intention back then had been to sand them back down to wood.  After hours of stripping and sanding it was still nowhere near to being stain ready.  So, I adjusted my thinking and gave it a rustic white paint coat.  The footboard just attached to our bed frame with some screws and we added two 2×4’s to the headboard to support it.  








The two bedside tables are desks I picked up on separate occasions at the reuse barn at the local dump.  I like that they are both similar but different.  On one I replaced the top with barn board and left the rest its natural wood colour.  The other desk I left its original wood top but painted  the base white.  

The light fixture came from Home Depot.  I did not get a deal on it.  It was a splurge at $189, but I absolutely loved it.  We used MDF for our ceiling and opted for a narrow v-joint to keep it similar to the bathroom ceiling.
















We chose a shiplap feature wall painted Benjamin Moore’s Simply White and the other walls are painted Quilted by Beauti-Tone.  My husband did a fantastic job on the crown moulding!  He spent more time than he would of liked measuring and cutting and recutting to get the corners to match right.  I am absolutely in love with this man, he is so talented and hard working!

And yes, as you can tell from the empty photo frame and perhaps you even noticed some detached corner round on the floor we are not 100% done.  Is anyone ever really done though?  It will likely remain that way for some time yet.  We have a bajillion things to do plus 4 kiddos!  

This dresser I picked up roughly 8 years ago from I client I worked with.  She was throwing it in the garbage if no one claimed it.  I jumped on it.  Of course it had scratches, stickers, and nail polish all over it.  It was solid maple though and the drawers opened smooth.  After sanding it all down I stained it Early American by Minwax.  I black washed the frame.  When I was redoing my master I had a fleeting thought to refinish this piece to something lighter.  I am glad that notion passed.  This piece really adds warmth to the room and keeps the room from looking too white.



I grew up in the country in an unfinished/constantly being renovated home so we never had curtains.  Most of my adult life I had this notion that curtains were not necessary.  I couldn’t care less if the ‘bears’ peeked inside!  But man once I put these sheers up I realized how much window treatments make a room look finished.  I doubt these curtains will ever be shut but they still serve a glorious purpose.  They really help the room to feel lived in and cozy.  I picked them up at the Salvation Army after checking and rechecking and triple checking for stains, sun bleach, and smell.  Yes, I am ashamed to admit I stuck my nose in those suckers and inhaled to make sure they did not smell like smoke.  They passed the test and look absolutely fabulous in our room!  The subtle lines mimic the bedspreads lines and the little balls add the perfect amount of texture.  This is what I LOVE about thrift shopping.  Finding the perfect unique piece at a steal of a deal!




The three pillows at the back I made from the Fabricland discount section.  I had been browsing our recently opened store when I saw this fabric pattern.  Of course I fell in love with it but I could not think of what I could use it for. I had just gotten rid of a pile of fabric that had never been made in to anything so I refrained from buying it.  I told  myself that until I had a project in mind I could not make the purchase.  That night getting ready for bed I realized where that fabric was meant to be!  The next day I went back and bought all that was left.  I had wanted 4 pillows but only had enough for 3.  I love the colours and the pattern.  They were super easy to make I just sewed a tube and then one end shut.  Turned them back right side out, stuffed the pillows in and folded the extra fabric under.  Actually, I will NEVER get around to finishing the ends you don’t see.  For that very reason; you don’t see them!















The above picture on the left are mason jars tied with wire to old pieces of barn wood.  The picture with the scripture verse “The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?” – Psalm 27:1, was a Christmas gift from my charming husband.  I had been having a little melt down, in a store no less, about how he never (okay exaggerated) buys me thoughtful gifts.  Exasperated, he asked what kind of gift I would want.  To which I responded by pointing at that picture and saying like a beautiful picture like that.  Well, if I didn’t want it, I shouldn’t have pointed.  On Christmas morning, I opened my ‘thoughtful’ gift.  Who am I kidding though, this man is super thoughtful.  He made this entire room exactly how I wanted it and is working on an entire HOUSE for me.  I could tell myself it’s for both of us but that would be a lie.  Derrick couldn’t care less where he lay his head at night, except that it was beside mine.  And by the way, I really do like the picture.  

So there it is, our renovated Master Bedroom.  I can come in here and breathe a sigh of relief.  Even when there may be screaming fighting kids on the other side of that glorious shaker style door!







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  1. I think I may come to your room for a relax… hopefully one day I’ll have a haven of my own, until then I’ll borrow… lol. Great job

  2. This is my favourite post yet!! I love your explanation of each item in the room. You’re great! 🙂

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