This is the power of gathering: It inspires us- delightfully- to be more hopeful, more joyful, more thoughtful: In a word, more alive.  -Alice Waters


Recently I attended a wedding shower back in the town where I grew up.  This gathering amazes me and it is truly a special group of women!  Originally, I believe, we all attended the same church and so as with any church, baby and wedding showers were a regular women’s event.  Now I know some of the women also met with each other on other occasions and are great friends.  It has been well over 1o years since MY wedding shower was hosted by these ladies and since that a lot has changed.  People have moved and changed churches. Girls have become mothers.   Mothers have become Grandmothers, but we still gather to celebrate the promise of marriage, the beauty of new life, and the gift of Jesus entering the world!

When reflecting on this unique group of women, Alice Waters’ quote really resonated with me.  Perhaps that is why I am compelled to make the 1 1/12 hour drive on a weeknight.  When I gather with this group of women I love to hear the laughter, to feel the love and contentment as we gather in what has become a cherished tradition.  Connecting with women who I do not typically see other than these events some may view as awkward, but I love to reconnect as well as get to know new women who have joined the tradition since it began so long ago.  It is great to hear what is going on in the lives of people, to learn something new, to be inspired by others lives, or encouraged in some way.

I love that this is a gathering of multiple generations.  There is so much value in fostering and developing relationships with women regardless the age difference.  It is beautiful to see girls coming out who years ago we had had a baby shower for while they were in their Mommies tummies!  Taking my daughter to some of the showers that have been held in the afternoons has been delightful for both her and I. 

Of course the food is plentiful and the host does an amazing job of opening her home and creating an inviting atmosphere to welcome the conversations that linger into the night well past our weeknight bedtimes!

I had to show this picture to the left of these ladies.  I had a nice one of all of them smiling but this one just speaks to the fun loving nature of these ladies.  A great group of women who know how to have fun.

The drive home I often reflect on how good it was to get together and fellowship and that I am glad I had went.  It would be easy to come up with legitimate excuses to maybe just stay home, curl up on the couch, and watch Netflix and go to bed early.  And there are      days to enjoy a night like that, but not on a party night!

If you attend gatherings like this you know how valuable they are and the importance of connecting in person to fellow humans.  I love that I do not attend out of obligation but rather out of desire.  It is easy in our busy lives to get in the rhythm of life.  I want to challenge and encourage you to get together.  It does not have to be for a shower or Christmas.  Really we can make any good reason to get together.  My sister in law is great at hosting unique parties such as her ‘Things Party’ or her upcoming ‘Royal Wedding’ party but gathering could also be as simple as calling some friends up out of the blue and having a potluck dinner or going out for lunch after church with a group of friends.  It is great to maintain friendships you already have also consider inviting new people to join.  The gift of gathering is beautiful and powerful and so why not share it with friends new and old!

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE these get togethers!!! Love these ladies…and LOVE you! Can’t wait for the Royal party…even tho the wedding was a few weeks ago! I’m thankful for our “PVR” that taped the wedding so we can watch it later…and possibly fast forward if we get bored. 😉

    1. Anytime time I get together with you is a GREAT time!

  2. Love this article!! So thankful for so many amazing women in all different stages of life!! We are blessed. 🙂

  3. These gatherings are such a blessing. What a wonderful group of women!

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