Before and Afters!

Before and Afters!

I love scrolling pinterest and seeing before and after pictures! Our house has many ‘before’, a few ‘after’, and many ‘in progress’ areas!

A hobby that I have picked up over the years has been finding unloved furniture and giving it new life. A while back I had the opportunity to meet with a friend who was a career counsellor and she spent some time with me helping me understand how I tic and what motivates me. I gleaned a lot of useful information about myself! One thing that really resonated with me was that I have a relatively short input to output span. What does that mean? Basically, I like to see a project from start to finish in preferably a few short weeks. This explains why I LOVE refinishing furniture. I am able to be creative, it is hands on, and most projects are finished in a short time. As long as they don’t get forgotten in the basement (or worse on the front porch!) half done!

This post is devoted to mostly before and after photos and maybe a few side notes or ramblings thrown in. Enjoy!

I started refinishing furniture to fill our home with beautiful custom pieces for a fraction of the price. Often times I come across a piece that had potential but did not fit in my home. Thanks to online websites such as Kijiji, and Facebook Marketplace I have been able to make a little side money selling these pieces. Nothing to quit my day job over, but wait a minute, I don’t have a job!

People have also contacted me to refinish certain pieces for them that they already have. At first I did not think that would be up my alley. I like the freedom of finishing something any way I like. I did not know if I would still enjoy the process if someone else was dictating how the end result should be! Turns out, I love it too! Especially, when you can give a client something more than what they had in mind.

…and then there are some pieces that just don’t sell. They end up storing kid’s games and puzzles in a very messy, dusty, and full, unfinished basement! The hutch above had been kindly offered to me to refinish. After the project was complete I listed it to sell but nothing ever came about. I can take rejection quiet personally so after the listing expired the hutch became a useful, however awkardly misplaced, fixture in our basement. Perhaps one day I will try relisting. These occurances are rare and I do understand I can’t place my self worth on whether or not people like something I create or not! Ahh the continual battle of fixing our eyes on Christ and running our own race.

I have the tendancy to forget before photos, as seen by the pictures below.

On occasion a piece is just too far gone or was not the solid quality I had hoped for and those pieces make for great bonfires!

Refinishing furniture is extremely satisfying for me. The last few years I have been living in an unfinished house so I love that I can still work on these small projects and see beautiful results. If you have any questions on how I did a certain piece or general questions about refinishing furntiure I am glad to offer what knowledge I have. I would also love to hear if you have a favourite or suggestions of different colours or techniques to try.

…and speaking of living in constant renos I have exciting news! In the fall we began renovating our attached apartment and it is finally complete! Well a few things need to get finished up, but then I will take pictures and post all about it.

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