The Journey Begins

The Journey Begins

The only impossible journey is the one that never begins. – Anthony Gibbons

…And so the journey begins.  It does seem somewhat impossible though, mostly because I am not quite sure why I am here and what’s down the road ahead.  I do not really know why I am entering the blogging world but here I am and here I’ll stay, at least until I tire of it and move on to the next thing!  You see that is the thing about me, I am the type of person who has lots of ideas and I love to dream but, I lack follow through!  I have boxing gloves still in the packaging, a violin that has never played a full song, a bachelors degree that I still tell myself is good to have ‘just in case’, and the list I am sure could go on if I really sat and thought about it… but lets not.  So, why all of a sudden do I have this impending desire to take the leap and begin this new adventure when history has shown it will lead no where?  Perhaps it is my age (old enough to kind of have myself figured out) or stage in life (I have been married 11 years, am 34, with four kids, the last one heading off to school in 2019).  I know 2019 is still a ways away but it looms in my mind as I already ask myself what will I do when all the kids are in school?  I know I do not want to go back to work in the 9-5 sort of way.  Being Mom is still my priority and I want to be active in their school as well as greet them when they get off the bus.  But I am a worker, I love keeping busy and wouldn’t it be awesome if I could take the things I love doing and maybe make some extra money doing them! 

Well history also shows that we remember the highlights of people lives and the back story which often includes many failures is often forgotten.  The key to success is grit (having the tenacity to stick with something, to not give up, to push on).  Looking back now on my younger years I can see that I am the type of person to get really excited in the beginning, about anything really, but then the excitement wears off or an obstacle appears and I move on.  But not this time!  and if you knew how many obstacles I encountered starting this blog you would be impressed that I am still here.  Lets just say I am not technical (neither me or my husband own a cell phone) and my ipad which I bought off kijiji has not been backed up since I bought it 56 weeks ago and counting (I don’t think that is a good thing!)

Recently, I have been challenged through books I have read, a close friend, and this fear of ‘what will I do as I near a new phase in my life as Mom, to take those dreams and ideas and make them reality.  So, what did I do I picked the most random thing that I enjoy doing in my life and stepped out of my comfort zone to become a certified Kangoo Fitness Instructor.  What’s that you ask?  You can google it, and I am sure I will share that business venture with you in some of my blogs to come,  but basically it is a super fun and bouncy cardio exercise on trampoline boots.  And while I do enjoy teaching fitness and starting this business has already taught me a lot about myself; my passion lies elsewhere… Why then did I choose this venture to conquer first?  Well I don’t really know I guess it seemed like the easiest road, and safest.  Boy was I wrong, since starting I have realized this is not the case, it is hard work and I all too often feel like giving up (sound familiar), but what I have realized pursuing a very part time position as a Kangoo Fitness Instructor is that it is really easy for my negative thoughts to invade my thinking and create a defeated mentality before I have even begun.  Whether it is one dream or another those negative thoughts left unmanaged will consume and ruin whatever path I take if I listen to them.  For example sometimes I will be talking with my husband and I will get all defensive and argue with him about nothing he has said or done but in fact only what my thoughts told me he must be thinking!  How crazy and unfair is that!  Thankfully I have a super supportive husband who loves me and knows how to handle these situations in a loving manner, most often through humour!  What a great segway onto my next topic…

My husband.  He is so supportive and incredible.  We met when I was 15, so I have known him over half my life, and after many years of him pursuing me I finally relented and gave him my heart, and boy am I glad I did!  He is the funniest man I know, he loves his family, has abounding patience (which I am grateful for, but also a little jealous of!) and he loves to make me happy.  He is the man who works, so I can stay at home and do my best at raising our kids and chase after this foggy vision I have.  He is also the man who does lots of the behind the scenes labour of renovating the riverside house. (And the homes we owned before this one as a means of building our home equity).  He also tolerates my craziness and my habit of stopping by our local dump or roadside curbs every once in a while to scavenge for a misplaced treasure.  You can read more about these projects in the Restorations category.  Where I feature pieces that have often been neglected and forgotten and reinvent and/or restore them to pieces that can once again serve a purpose and look beautiful too!

I love my crazy life, the God who created me, the people who surround me, and the beauty of it all!

When I was a little girl and would wake up from having a bad dream I would put myself back to sleep by imagining what my dream house would one day look like.  I did this a lot but never thought anything of it until I was reflecting on my life and this came back to mind.  In Joanna Gaines book Magnolia she suggests maybe people need to do what they did as kids and then their work would not seem like work, she’s all about getting back to the basics.  This got me thinking about my childhood; the dreams, the barbie houses I constantly built but never played in, the garage loft I spent hours cleaning and emptying garbage out of to transform it into a girl’s hangout, and the times spent painting my room and foraging old barns for treasures to decorate.  Fast forward 15+ years and I now have a house of my own and LOVE designing and decorating it.  

At one point I had wondered if this was really me or if I was just caught up in the world of Pinterest and home makeover tv.  Although these elements have provided countless design tips and trendy and timeless design advice, I now see that, these things did not create the desire and satisfaction I get in creating living spaces but that seed had been within me ever since I was a child.  And so this is sort of where the blog comes into play…  Here I will take another step outside of my comfort zone and begin an adventure I have great reservations about.   “Courage is feeling the fear and doing it anyway”- Susan Jeffers, and so that is what I am going to do.  I want to be the best I can be, I want to learn, and I want to be okay with trying and failing, because how else can I really grow.  Through this blog I hope to be able to share my passion for home design and creating beautiful and functional spaces in the Riverside Design section.   Restorations will focus on projects I take on that include transforming and updating home furnishings.  Life at the Riverside will host a collection of my thoughts on being a Mom, raising kiddos, family, faith, friends (really anything that I feel like that doesn’t fit into any other category!).

I encourage you to reflect and pray on your life and dreams or passions that you may have.  Assess where you would like to see yourself this year (not to say life doesn’t throw unexpected curve balls and plans change)… and then take the first step in taking the impossible journey and making it possible.  It will take ‘grit’ but your passion and perseverance will take you to places you had never imagined!

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  1. So proud of you for starting this!! xo Kristi

  2. Wow. I am the first man to comment on your post. I am super impressed with the excellent script of your blog. I read 2 of them so far. I can truly say that your mother inlaw and I are blessed to call you our daughter. You are the best (thing) that ever happened to our son Derrick and he is blessed to have you as his beautiful wife. You do an excellent job raising my grandchildren and I am very proud of them as well. Keep up the good work and always remember why God made you so handy and beautiful. To give Him pleasure!!!

    1. Thanks! You two are amazing Parents and Grandparents! So glad to be a part of your family.

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